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  • Country Guide > Germany

    Betting in Germany, esports betting in Germany, esports betting

    Country Guide>Germany

    Betting in Germany, esports betting in Germany, esports betting
    Germany Betting Guide

    Posted by Saul Yarm,


    Esports Betting in Germany

    Germany is one of the most expansive markets for Gaming and Hardware in the world. According to Newzoo the gaming market in Germany is worth over $4 billion USD. Half of the amount is generated from the console gaming sector and approx $900 million USD is generated by mobile. It is estimated that the growth rate of the sector is averaging around 2-4% per annum. According to various sources, a whopping 88% of the population are internet users (72.4 million) and over 37 million of which are active gamers. Around 20% of the population are aware of Esports and around 3.5 million of those considered as esports enthusiasts. With little to no regulation and the general acceptance of the industry as a legitimate sport the German esports betting market is growing exponentially.

    Esports tournaments went from humble beginnings to worldwide fame in just one short decade. In 2010, there were only around 700 esports tournaments per year, and even the big ones had fairly small prize pools compared to today’s standards. In 2018, we’ll have around 4000 esports tournaments, many of which are live events held in huge arenas with a seating capacity of 1000+ or even 10.000+. These events are also streamed live via Twitch, YouTube and Facebook to millions of others.

    As one of Europes main economic power houses, betting in Germany is a hugely profitable market. As most of the gaming is predominantly on PC titles like League of Legends,Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveare extremely popular with German esports betting community.

    Esports betting in Germany is definitely on the rise and will be a strong contributer to the billion dollar projections towards the end of the year. With a solid esports infrastructure, a boominh economy and mjor industry events being held locally such as Gamescom, ESL One Dota 2 tournament and many others the esports betting market is bound to blow up over the coming years. German

    Popular Esports Betting Markets in Germany

    Here at E-godds we have gathered research from our top operators that provide esports betting and the following are all the most popular betting titles available. Bookmakers regularly offer solid bonuses in and around events for your top games so it is definitely worthwhile checking back frequently so you can claim the great bonuses they have to offer. Interestingly, Germany has produced the most esports proffessionals in Western Europe. These are the top esports Titles in Germany in no particular order: (Check out our reviews & betting guides for each title)

    League of Legends
    Dota 2
    Heroes of the Storm 2.0
    Starcraft 2


    Esports betting in Germany is legal as long as you are 18 or over with a proof of identification when signing up. It is always a good idea to be fully aware of country laws and esports betting in Germany is under the umbrella of sports betting and majoritally states still adhere to the Interstate Treaty on Gambling, whichw as formed in 2008.

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    According to despite the complicated online gambling laws surrounding the sports betting market in Germany there has never been a punishment or betting-related transaction blocked by any governing body. Theonly restrictions set are by the online betting sites themselves.

    Local Governing Bodies

    Esports betting in Germany is regulated by the The Interstate Treaty on Gambling, The Gaming Act of Schleswig-Holstein and the newly emerging esports associations. Here is a list of the local governing bodies:

    The Interstate Treaty on Gambling

    The Gaming Act of Schleswig-Holstein

    eSport-Bund Deutschland


    Top Esports Bookmakers in Germany

    Our top rated bookmaker for esports Betting in Germany is Bethard. With a huge variety of games and titles you are guaranteed a safe and solid experience. Read our review here

    Bethard esports, e-godds de, bethard germany

    A few of our other top rated in Germany are also offering great bonuses and coverage so make sure to check them out also..

    Spin Palace Sports

    LV Bet


    These are the best bookies if you’re a German citizen. They’ve all been operating for a significant number of years, being reliable and having a good reputation. Sign up for an account via any of our links for more information and the latest exclusive sign-up bonuses to kick-start your eSports betting career with bonus cash. As long as you are over 18 and bet responsibly enjoy what the future holds for eSports betting in Germany!

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    We feature only safe and secure sites that we have tested and feel comfortable enough for you to place bets and enjoy!

    As long as you are over 18 and bet responsibly it is a perfect time to take advantage of all of the great bonuses, win cash and first and foremost to enjoy, Esports Betting in Germany!


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