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    Sweden Betting Guide

    Posted by Saul Yarm,


    Esports Betting in Sweden

    It is always extremely important to get a solid knowledge when deciding on who and where to bet in your country of residence. There are usually many laws, numerous Bookmakers to choose from and a whole list of research before picking the best place to bet. Here at E-godds, we pride ourselves on giving you as much in-depth information regarding your local country and the safest environments to take the chance on your beloved esports titles, events and teams. Sweden is one of the most significant casino betting markets and is definitely starting to ride the wave of esports. With the exponential growth of the esports betting industry, we want to help provide a solid resource to enable you to place bets responsibly, informatively and hopefully aid you to reap the rewards..

    Esports betting in Sweden is becoming increasingly popular with the esports industry getting bigger and bigger each year, the esports betting opportunities are increasing, making it possible for people to put their esports knowledge to use in order to make money. According to recent reports the esports industry in Sweden is currently evaluated at $31 million and it makes logical sense that with the re-regulations in the gambling laws, the esports betting market will be a potential market leader over the coming months. The amount and diversity of esports tournaments and leagues that you can follow and bet on at any given time are staggering. So it’s all a matter of preference and expertise. You might be interested in team-based FPS games like CS:GO or Overwatch, or MOBAs such as League of Legends or Dota 2. Regardless of what you enjoy watching and betting on, esports provides numerous opportunities all year long both locally in Sweden and abroad.

    Popular Esports Betting Markets in Sweden

    Here at E-godds we have gathered research from our top operators that provide esports betting and the following are all the most popular betting titles available. Bookmakers regularly offer solid bonuses in and around events for your top games so it is definitely worthwhile checking back frequently so you can claim the great bonuses they have to offer. These are the top esports Titles in Sweden in no particular order: (Check out our reviews & betting guides for each title)

    League of Legends
    Dota 2
    Heroes of the Storm 2.0
    Starcraft 2


    Esports betting in Sweden is legal for players over the age of 18. With the rapid growth of esports and homegrown talent, bettors have the option to freely bet with foreign operations and locally.

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    Gambling in Sweden is currently monopolised by state-owned laws making it quite a hassle for the beloved past-time of the 1.2 million active bettors to bet on the extremely limited home-turf operations. In 1934 in order to eradicate the underground and illegal betting operations emerged the privately established and tightly regulated bookmaker called Tipstjänst. In 1943 the state purchased the bookmaker and nationalised it in order to heavily control and regulate the market. It wasn't until 1997 there was a merger with a smaller state lottery, Tipstjänst adopted the name Svenska Spel. The gambling monopoly has always been controlled and under the watchful eye of the Swedish Government. It has been an ongoing battle for the EU to ensure the Swedish gambling rules fell in line with the freedom of trade guidlines and for a while have argued that Sweden was not playing ball. The good news is that as of January 2019, the Swedish Goverment has willingly lifted its stringent policies towards gambling and will be opening its doors to the numerous foreign operators to setup shop locally. Despite the current situation, there has not been a problem with Swedish bettors using the foreign operators who accept the Swedish players and it is an extremley profitable market.

    Local Governing Bodies

    Esports betting in Sweden is regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority and the specifics are covered here:



    Top Esports Bookmaker Sweden is Spin Palace Sports With a huge variety of games and titles you are guaranteed a safe and solid experience. Read our review here

    esports betting in Sweden, e-godds Sweden, Spin Palace esports

    A few of our other top rated for Sweden are also offering great bonuses and coverage so make sure to check them out also..




    These are the best bookies if you’re a Swedish esports betting fan. They’ve all been operating for a significant number of years, being reliable and having a good reputation. Sign up for an account via any of our links for more information and the latest exclusive sign-up bonuses to kick-start your esports betting career with bonus cash.

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    We feature only safe and secure sites that we have tested and feel comfortable enough for you to place bets and enjoy!

    As long as you are over 18 and bet responsibly it is a perfect time to take advantage of all of the great bonuses, win cash and first and foremost to enjoy, Esports Betting in Sweden!


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